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Here is Your Money Personality Quiz!

Your Money Personality Quiz

This purpose of this quiz is for you to find out your money habits and attitudes. Once you understand your current relationship with money, you can then be in a place to change what is not working for you and keep what is.

Circle the answer to each question that best describes your current habits with money. Be as honest as possible, only you will see the result.

1. When financial statements come in the mail, I:

a. I open it up with my other mail and look to see if there is some money I can use
towards buying something I want.
b. I read it over when I have time. Those statements don’t really interest me.
c. I open it up right away and input the information, and re-evaluate my
financial plan.
d. I open the statement with excitement and make sure to input it in my
financial tracker.
e. I put it in a growing pile with the other statements, unopened.

2. My monthly budget is:

a. Non-existent! It gets in the way of my spending and good times.
b. An ideal rather than a reality – I never have enough money to go round.
c. My most powerful tool for staying on track with my financial plan.
d. Is a guideline that I use to make sure that I’m able to save for myself and
future projects.
e. Something I’ve tried to establish for myself numerous times, but it never panned

3. When I do overspend on my budget it’s on:

a. Designer clothes, new technology, or dinner in a hip new restaurant.
b. A family trip or something that the family would enjoy, or donate to an charitable
c. Overspend? Can’t think of the last time I did that.
d. A program, conference, or business trip that will contribute to my self
development or expand my network.
e. Concert, show, or shopping. Whatever I’m into at that moment.

4. To me savings are:

a. Something I hear others talking about. I overspend each month that I am never
able to save.
b. Few and far between. I find myself finding a good cause to support with any
excess money I have.
c. Part of my monthly budget plan. It feels good to save.
d. Part of my financial plan and business plan and something I do on a consistent basis.
e. Something that I know is important, but I never seem to have the time to figure out how to start putting money away.

5. If one day I hit the $20,000 jackpot in Vegas, I would:

a. Go VIP all the way baby!! Dinner, shows, limos, drinks on me!
b. Make sure to keep enough money to meet my immediate needs, and then donate the rest to an organization that is close to my heart and is impacting the world, or help a family member or friend who need financial help.
c. Celebrate by going to a sensible dinner, possibly a buffet. Afterwards paying off some debt, adding to my emergency fund, and putting the rest into savings.
d. Quickly cash out my winnings and research the best way for me to invest the money.
e. Keep playing! I wouldn’t know what to do with that $20,000 so might as well enjoy and keep playing. If there is still money left over, I’ll give the rest to whom ever manages my money.

6. If a financial emergency happens:

a. I would have to put whatever expenses I can on credit cards.
b. I trust that I can be supported by friends or barter in exchange for what I need.
c. I can tap into my emergency fund, which I think should be enough.
d. I have a fully funded emergency fund. Of course, I never planned on using it.
e. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do. I would have to hope it will all work out.

7. I do personal financial audits:

a. Honestly, I rarely do them because I know that I would most likely be in the red each month.
b. I may or may not do one when I file my taxes.
c. As much as possible. I like to be on top of it so that the things I keep track of don’t pile up.
d. Monthly, I like to see if I’m on track for my short term, mid-term, & long term goals.
e. Never! It’s too complicated and takes up too much time.

8. I look at credit as:

a. Something I use often mostly for buying things I want when I don’t have actual cash.
b. Another system that works to further corrupt our society. I stay away from applying or using credit.
c. Shop around for the best deals on credit cards and loans – I always read the small print.
d. A leverage piece that I can use as starting capitals or down payments.
e. Confusing and something I don’t fully understand how to use to my benefit.

9. When an unexpected bill arrives in the mail, I:

a. I open it with every intention of paying it, but most likely it won’t get paid for
a while.
b. Add paying it to my to-do list and look to pick up more work to pay it off. c. Check that is correct and pay it immediately.
d. Call the company and negotiate a lower payment or terms that are
to me.
e. Shove it in a drawer with all the others.

10. The feelings that come with money are:

a. Excitement, fun, and good times.
b. Guilt and shame.
c. Security and dependability.
d. Power and prestige.
e. Anxiety and frustration.

11. When I get my credit card statement, I normally repay:

a. The minimum – and sometimes that comes from another card.
b. As much of the outstanding amount as possible.
c. The entire balance.
d. All depends on what my money priorities are that month, but more
the minimum.
e. I pay when I can. Some months I may not pay at all because of oversight.

12. The line that best describes my money motto is:

a. I spend and live for today because I deserve it!
b. Money is the root of corruption, and people who have money take
advantage of others.
c. Saving money is one of the best feelings. Being a good manager of money
means that you are a good manager of life.
d. The more money I have, the more choices and opportunities I have.
e. Money is something I use day to day because I have to. If I have enough to get
by, I’m happy.