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“Your Why is your secret sauce.”

Your reasons supercharge and accelerate your manifesting powers.

Have you ever thought about the power of your why? Did you know that your ability to manifest is directly connected to the reasons and emotions that you’ve associated with what you want to manifest? In fact, the “How…”, IS not nearly as important as the “Why…”. Your reasons and the whys behind what you want to manifest, are the biggest deciding factor on whether or not your heart’s desire, prosperity, and abundance will show up in your life.

Your why should make you cry.

The best way to illustrate this point is to touch into storytelling. Think about all of the heroic books you’ve read and the movies you’ve watched. All of these stories follow similar story arches. At some point in the story, the protagonist is ready to quit and throw in the towel before he/she is fully able to become the person they were destined to be. They were given the steps, they took the journey, they stretched themselves to their limit. Eventually, there comes a point of the story where what they were desiring to make happen seems beyond their reach. This leads to a turning point in the story where a memory or another character reminds them of why they started their journey in the first place. After that crucial moment, they are then able to rally and overcome their inner struggle. In the end, finally defeating their enemy, or achieve their purpose.

Fordo’s was all about protecting his beloved Shire. What will move you?

Fordo’s journey is a perfect example of the power of why.

Let’s continue with this illustration and use the beloved story The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien as an example. Frodo fought orcs, evil wizards, and black riders on his quest to Mordor. He was stretched beyond his limits countless times, challenged on all levels, and came close to death more than once. Through all the challenges and hardships he encountered what kept him going was his love for his shire and his people. The reason that kept him going was that he wanted to protect his beloved home from the looming darkness. In the end, he is able to save what he loves most and manifest his destiny.

In another example, the recent movie Wonder Woman, it becomes clear that when enemies attacked the shores of her homeland that she was a deeply compassionate and empathetic character. Her compassion was so great that it gave her the courage to leave the only home she knew, and venture into unknown lands. As her story unfolds we see that her why, and the reason she pressed on, through gunfire and bombs, is that she developed a deep need to not see others suffer.

Not seeing others suffer is Wonder Woman’s “Why”

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I’ve shared the above examples to illustrate the power of your Why. Your Why is directly connected to your emotions, and your emotions are the energy source behind your manifesting abilities. The more emotion you have behind your desire, the faster that desire will show up in your life.

Right now ask yourself these two questions:

“What do I desire to manifest in my life?”
“Why do I want this?”
*Spoiler Alert!! The second question is the more potent question.*

It’s all about your “Why” and your reasons. Focus less on the “How”. Trust that the “How” will appear when your “Why” has been uncovered.

Last tips to add to the information above:
– Make sure your reason is personal.
– Your reason needs to be big enough for you to want to take action over and over again until your desire becomes a reality.
– Your reason is directly connected to filling one of the following primal needs:
– certainty
– uncertainty
– significance
– connection/love
– growth
– contribution

So what moves you? What gets you up early in the morning and keeps you going all day? What gets your creative juices flowing? What’s your Why? Share the thoughts that have come up for you below.

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