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Money is a leading cause of stress in our modern society. This stress can be insidious because it can impact not just bank accounts, but also over time, can be

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Sophia Podcast: Prosperity Mindset

Claiming Prosperity’s Founder Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin joined a recent Sophia Podcast. Sophia is Asia’s first and only female focused financial educational platform for the financial services sector and corporations. The women

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Budgeting Basics

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to get your money house in order. Last year you might have experienced the ups and downs in your bank accounts, your

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Flip Your Money Script

For the big breakthroughs around money, it is more important to explore your feelings of worthiness and value, while at the same time letting go of feelings of guilt and

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The Re-emergence Experience - Claiming Prosperity

The Re-Emergence Experience

It’s happening! Registration link is live ~ This will be Claiming Prosperity’s first in-person event since 2020. In many ways, the pandemic was an incubation period that forced you to

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Mastering The Money Game

Where are you learning about how your money works? This workshop will share vital money information that you didn’t learn in school. About this event April is Financial Literacy Month.

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