Insights, Inspirations, and Practical Principles for Living a Prosperous Life

One on One In Person Prosperity Sessions

One to One
In Person
Prosperity Sessions

Prosperity Sessions are customized and individualized sessions that can accelerate the prosperity process. I love working with clients in this way because so much work happens in every session, and the results are almost immediate. Your belief systems, paradigms, and thought patterns around prosperity will all be explored. The tools used in these sessions vary from visualization, movement, journey work, energy work, breath work, and practical planning.

These sessions work on the following prosperity topics: – Understanding the laws and principles of prosperity work
– Defining Prosperity “What does prosperity mean to you?”
– Current prosperity belief systems, paradigms, and patterns. What’s working and what’s not.
– Letting Go Ceremony – Unearthing your ancestral prosperity story
– Creating a new prosperous story
– Creating a daily Prosperity Practice
– Creating your Prosperity Blueprint
– Financial Fundamentals

Prosperity Sessions are 8 sessions total and include:
– 10 min “Hey! There you are.”
– Uncovering Negative Beliefs Meditation
– 10 min “So DONE!” – Letting Go Meditation
– 10 min “My New Track” – Abundance Message Meditation