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Prosperity Is Living Through A Rose Colored Lens

In French, she sang La Vivre En Rose. 



As you listen to the words of that song, you will hear that the French siren is beckoning you to see the world through rose-colored glasses.  As a way to walk through the world with a sensation of contentment and belonging. Prosperity Is Living Through A Rose Colored Lens, and Madame Piaf found pure joy and romance in the arms of her lover, which in turn made the world look as good as every scene in the movie Chocolate, and feel just as good as silk pajamas.

This leads me to the question that sparked this post, “What if you could walk through your life with rose covered glasses and see everything that you touch in your life as a sensational occasion?”  Every moment especially the bad stuff that comes in, won’t have such a negative impact if you are able to see it through a rose covered lens. Through this lens, you may see the opportunity to grow.  Or understand the lesson that is before you, or even see it as an invitation to choose another way.

Living your life through rose-colored glasses can bring in many possibilities of living life in the moment and allowing it to be fun, full of love, and prosperity.

How to put on the rose covered glasses (this can be done with or without actually rose covered glasses) :

  • See this very moment as a gift.  This moment holds so much for you to treasure.  The air you breath is ancient, the body you reside in is a miracle, the sun that shines on you is eternal.  Take a moment and really feel that.

  • Take time aside each day, morning is best, to breath into your heart.  Allow the energy of the heart and of love to fill you up inside. When you feel full, start your day connected to this love.  You will feel the effects immediately, and so will all the people you encounter in your day.

  • Do 1 thing a day that makes you happy.  Think of 1 thing every day that puts you in a good mood, then DO IT!  For me it’s dancing, just one song can totally change my state to one of joy and overall rosiness.  If you love being in nature, then go for a walk. If you love playing with your pet, then set aside time to play with your pet.  If it’s your children that bring you the most joy, then make sure to carve out time to spent time with them. Whatever it is that put you in a state of love, do it, and do it often. 

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