Insights, Inspirations, and Practical Principles for Living a Prosperous Life

Prosperity Pod

Course Description

A positive encouraging environment that supports individual and group growth with a focus on Women Of Color (and Women Of Color Allies), and their relationship with prosperity & abundance. Prosperity Pods are designed around a monthly series of guided exercises, reflections, and healthy processing. Participants will transform their internal story through a combination of magic and method resulting in a unique exploratory experience.

Areas of focus

  • Identifying your personal definition of prosperity

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs that do not support your prosperity definition
  • Identifying familial and ancestral stories that burden and hold you back from stepping into your prosperous story
  • Finding your true “Why” and meaning behind your prosperous story
  • Monthly money exercises that are designed to help you create an empowering relationship with your budget, growth accounts, future money planning
  • Creating money rituals
  • Cultivating a Prosperity Practice
  • Understanding the mechanics behind prosperity
  • Healing past negative experiences with money
  • Letting of shame & guilt around money and value
  • Stepping into feeling worthy and deserving of your dreams
  • Learn Wealth Building Principles & how to move closer to your money goals

Participant Commitments

  • Bi-Monthly Group Zoom Gatherings

    • 1.5 hours per gathering
  • Learning Community
    • Building a community via a positive network of people who support one another in transforming their relationships around money, prosperity, & fulfillment
  • Monthly Prosperity Exercises
    • Each month there will be a collective group focus on a prosperity topic
    • This topic will provide guided reflections on a prosperity area that will help to shift an internal story
  • Q&A and Accountability during Zoom Gatherings
    • Participants can ask questions about the monthly exercise
  • Support & Feedback via Slack
    • On-going processing support via Slack
    • Individuals can also reach out about personal questions as well
  •  1-year commitment $199 monthly (per unit)


Schedule a 30 minute consultation to see if this is a good fit for you.


Prosperity Pod