Insights, Inspirations, and Practical Principles for Living a Prosperous Life

Prosperity Principles

Course Description

A self-guided and self-paced digital course that will help you transform your relationship with money & prosperity. The series of lessons will build on one another to help you re-create healthy money habits and cultivate a positive money mindset.

Self Guided Course Topics:

  • Create Your Prosperity Definition
  • How To Cultivate A Prosperity Mindset
  • Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs
  • Uncovering Your Deep Why
  • I Get Money – Money Mechanics & Financial Basics
  • For The Love Of Money
  • The Law Of Vibration
  • The Law Of Resonance
  • The Law Of Attraction
  • Home buying Education
  • The Art Of Noticing
  • Becoming The Choser
  • Love Yourself To Prosperity
  • And much more!


What Does This Digital Course Include?

1. Re-starting with Clarity “Time to change the broken record you’ve been playing over and over in your head! And record your comeback album.”

  • Learn how to create a Prosperity Definition
  • Ritual of declaring
  • Stepping into your desires
  • Saying “Yes!” to your dreams
  • Defining beliefs, mindsets, & paradigms


2. Uncovering & Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

  • “Stirring the Pot” – A deep dive into current beliefs and paradigms
  • What is the your current money beliefs?
  • What is your current relationship with money?
  • What are you dissatisfied with when it come to your money?
  • What can you live with when it comes to your money?
  • What are you ready to say “NO MORE!” when it comes to your money?
  • What are the things about money that you like in your life?
  • What current beliefs do you have that do not contribute to you living your most abundant life?
  • What are you ready to let go of that is not serving you with your current money beliefs?
  • What new money belief are you ready to create?
  • What is your new Abundance Message?
  • Abundance meditations
    • 10 mins “Hey! There you are.” – Uncovering Negative Beliefs meditation
    • 10 mins “So DONE!” Letting Go Meditation
    • 10 mins “My New Track” or “That’s My Jam!”- Prosperity Definition meditation


3.    Mastering Your Money: Create the relationship you want with your money

  • Learn Basic Money Concepts that will empower you to make the best money choices for you and your future
  • Learn How Set (SMART) Money Goals
  • Create your own personal Money Blueprint
  • Increase your Financial Intelligence
  • Best budgeting, saving, spending, planning, money practices
  • 10 mins *Deserving Meditation*


4. Transformational Tools: Strengthen your manifesting skillsets by deepening your relationship with ~

  • The Law Of Vibration
  • The Law Of Resonance
  • The Law Of Correspondence
  • The Law Of Attraction

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Prosperity Principles