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What if you look at every moment as an invitation to connect with the abundant energy of the universe?

The abundant energy of the universe is the source that we tap into, on the emotional and spiritual level, that allows prosperity to show up in this physical reality. This energy allows you to open up to The Abundant Moment. In order for abundance to manifest here and now, you must master connecting to abundant energy all around you as much as possible.

Your Invited!

The word invitation, in the above question, is very important because the word itself implies that there is a choice. Imagine for a moment that you get a beautiful card in the mail. The envelope is golden and shimmery with perfect calligraphy writing on the front with your name. You look at the sender. It is from the universe.

Taking a moment to hold the card in your hands, you gently turn it over and open it. Inside the envelope is the most beautiful card you’ve ever seen. You lovingly run your fingers over the front of the card and feel the gentle texture of the design. You open the card. Inside you read, “Are you ready to connect with The Abundant Moment right now?” Beneath this question, there are 2 boxes, one labeled “Yes”, the other one labeled, “No”. At that moment it is your choice on how to answer the question. What is your answer??

The universe is sending out this invitation to you at every moment. In fact, these invitations have been filling your spiritual mailbox and if you haven’t answered them, they have been returned to sender unopened. The magic of the invitation has been ignored. But the universe, in its majestic generosity, keeps sending them anyway, waiting for the moment that you respond “YES”, and then the real fun begins.

This powerful three-letter word turns everything on! That three-letter word connects you with the Abundant energy that is constantly around you. You just have to notice that it is there. It’s like noticing a leaf on a tree that is shaped in a form of a heart. Before you noticed, it was just a leaf on a tree. After you notice it, you can’t help but notice it. Making a choice to say “Yes” to The Abundant Moment allows your consciousness to start seeing evidence of it everywhere, and in everything.

RAS – Reticular Activating System

Truth is that whatever your consciousness focuses on expands. Where focus goes energy flows and engages, what neuroscience calls the RAS (Reticular Activating System). For a simple explanation of how the RAS system works check out Reticular Activating System – Explained
In this post going through the visualization above turns on your RAS. By visualizing saying “Yes” to the invitation to experience the abundant energy, your RAS is activated to bring proof of the abundant energy to your consciousness. Resulting in evidence of abundance all around you.

If you are feeling inspired to make a choice that will open you up to bring in Abundance to all levels of your life, take a moment to close your eyes, imagine walking out to your mailbox, and see what invitation is waiting for you.

Are you ready to tap into The Abundant Moment?

Are you ready to say “Yes” to the possibility of every moment? Are you ready to open yourself up to the truth that the universe constantly sending you an invitation to feel abundance on all levels? Are you ready to see the world through an abundant lense? Leave a comment below with your takeaways or questions from this post.