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Money is a leading cause of stress in our modern society. This stress can be insidious because it can impact not just bank accounts, but also over time, can be a contributing factor in long-term effects such as the onset of chronic disease. Whether an individual is overworked because of the need to make more income to provide for their family or is in a place of not having enough money to pay for bills and is experiencing anxiety because of that situation. Now is a critical time to uncover the intimate connection between money and mental health.

Increased research is being done to see the emotional effects of money.

Claiming Prosperity’s founder recently wrote an article that brings this topic to light. Historically women have not been comfortable talking about money it’s been a mostly taboo topic. Claiming Prosperity believes that this needs to change for our community’s money situation to be transformed for the better. Check out the full article linked above and start to open yourself up to seeing how your emotions are being impacted by your relationship with money.