Insights, Inspirations, and Practical Principles for Living a Prosperous Life

How To Create A Prosperity Practice

Let’s start off with by defining what a Prosperity Practice is.

A Prosperity Practice is …
A combination of conscious daily activities that allow you to draw into this physical reality your heart’s desire. By activating these daily activities, you align yourself with your heart’s desire, keep your heart’s desire in the forefront of your consciousness, as well as make space, emotionally and physically, for your heart’s to desire manifest.

Your Prosperity Practice can be as elaborate or un-elaborate as you want. It just needs to consist of 3 main factors:

1. Your Prosperity Practice needs to be consistent. Decide on the time of day you want to perform the activities you’ve decided on. If you decide to set time aside in the morning to perform your activities, then commit to doing those activities the same time every morning. If you decide to set time aside in the evening to perform your activities, then commit to doing those activities the same time every evening. If you can fit it into your schedule to do your activities morning and evening, that is best.

2. The activities you choose to do need to be in alignment with your heart’s desire. It is important to make sure that your activities are relevant and complementary to what you are calling in. For example, if it’s your heart’s desire to have abundant resources, then include activities like mantras, affirmations, or yoga poses that open you up to abundance on all levels.

3. Include activities in your Prosperity Practice that feel good and you like to do. Let’s face it, if what you choose to do doesn’t feel good, it will be really hard to motivate yourself to do it. Let whatever you choose to include in your personal Prosperity Practice promote feelings of ease, joyfulness, and fun! By doing this you will set yourself up for success and longevity in your practice.

What can you include in your daily Prosperity Practice?

– Conscious Breathing

This can be as simple as taking 5 deep breaths before you get out of bed. Or taking gentle full breaths throughout the day for example, in between meetings or in the car while you are driving.

– Visualizations/Meditations

These are powerful tools to include in your practice because the mind does not distingush between an action that is actually happening or just imagined. You can do guided or self guided meditations, 10 to 15 minutes a day, and find that you will come closer to manifesting your heart’s desire by doing so.

– Yoga/Stretching

Yes please! There are so many benefits to both of these. One of my favorite benefits is that both open up stuck area in the body and the mind.

– Affirmations/ Mantras

These are great tools that condition the subconcious mind. Resulting in accelerated results that are in line with your heart’s desire.

– Mirror Work

Louise L. Hay, the Queen Mother of the Self Help Movement, swears by this practice. Stand in front of the mirror at least 2 times a day. Look at yourself in the eyes, connect to a positive emotion within yourself while saying the statement/ affirmation that is aligned with your heart’s desire. Repeat your statement/affirmation at least 7x. Looking at yourself while connecting emotionally to the words you are saying is beyond powerful.

– Journaling

Something happens when you move a thoughts from the mind to the pen. When you are able to write you musings & reflections on paper things become clear. When things are clear, it is easier to make decisions and choices become more apparent.

– Listening To Related Talks/Podcast

Fill your down moments with supportive talks, lectures, and shows on the topic of what you are wanting to manifest for yourself. You don’t have to give what you are listening to your full attention, your subconcious mind will pick up on everything even if you are not actively listening.

– Group Work

The is real power in like-minded people coming together with a focused intention. Transformation and manifestation can happen faster in group settings that are aligned with your heart’s desire. Look for local Meetups or workshops that are aligned with your work and make it a point to attend them.

– Gratitude

Be grateful as much as possible during your day. There is so much in your life to be grateful for. Take as many moments in the day you can to make concious contact with all of the blessings in your life. Having an “Attitude Of Gratitude” brings in more good stuff to be grateful about.

– Present Moment

The power is in the present moment. Develop the ability to be exactly here and now as much as possible. This can be done at any time during the day. I especially focus on being in the present moment when I am doing the things I love. It makes the experience so much richer when I am completely present.

What will you include in your Prosperity Pracitce?

Are you called to include any of the suggestions above? Or do you have additional suggestions? I’d love to hear what your daily Prosperity Practice will be, input the structure of your practice below. I’ll send you my thoughts and supportive suggestions once I receive your info.