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Grit & Glamour Interview – Talking About Money IS Chic

It was a pure joy to sit down with Ruby Veridiano for her recent Grit And Glamour Show episode where she asked some critical questions regarding women and their relationship to money. 

Questions like … 

Women’s empowerment is tied to economic empowerment. Do you agree, and if so, why, and why is this particularly important for women of color?


2020 was tough financially for a lot of people. For those who want to start their journey in claiming prosperity in 2021, where do they begin?


Let’s talk about intergenerational wealth. Why is this one of the most revolutionary and important acts of service we can create for our families and our communities?

YUP! The conversation was rich and abundant with nuggets of wisdom that can be the spark to making some transformative changes in your relationship with money!

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