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Claiming Prosperity is all about sharing positive actions steps that get you closer to living the life you desire. As a first example of the impactful work that Claiming Prosperity does, we want to give you this special gift that can help you to find extra money monthly right now!

Watch this short video that gives a step by step explanation of this exercise. Afterward, download and printout these worksheet by clicking the link below. If you would like to read the instructions they are included on this page after the video.

Lastly, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out and let us know how this exercise went for you via email or social media.

Video Transcript

Hello there!

Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin from Claiming Prosperity here with an exciting and impactful exercise that will help you find money in places where you are already spending monthly.

I have a saying, “There is no better money, like found money!”. Found money is money that you don’t have to put in extra hours for, or add more days in your work week for. It’s actually money that is already coming in, but is being spent on expenses that may or may not be relevant to you any more.

This is an exercise that I suggest as a first step to all my clients who say that they are zeroing out or have a negative balance at the end of the month. I have them go through this exercise, and 90% of the time they are able to find money in some of their monthly variable expenses. Resulting in them having extra money at the end of the month that they can choose to put towards a saving plan, retirement, or to help pay off debt faster.

Right now you probably asking yourself how this is possible.

It’s simple really.

First step is to look the list of your all monthly expenses. This list of expenses should include both fixed monthly expenses and variable monthly expenses. Fixed monthly expenses are expenses that have a fixed amount that you pay monthly. A couple examples would be your rent/mortgage or you car payment. Your monthly regular variable expenses should also be included. Regular variable expenses are expenses that occur regularly, but vary. They are los are generally necessary, like groceries, electricity, personal items and entertainment.

Keeping your monthly expenses list in front of you click on the Find $ In Your Monthly Expenses document link below. Once the document is opened. Transfer all of your monthly fixed variable expense totals in the first column labeled “Estimate” next to the appropriate line item in the Find $ In Your Monthly Expenses document. If you don’t have the monthly amount you spend on hand for a particular line item, go ahead and give an estimate of how much you think you spend.

Once you have completed all of the line items that are relevant to you under the “Estimate” column, move over to the “Needs or Wants” column. In this column go down line by line and define each line item as a need or a want. There are no correct answers here, the only requirement is for you to keep your financial priorities in mind as you go through and identify if each line item is a need or a want.

Next, move over to the last column and in all of the line items that you identified as a “Want”, go ahead and specify the monthly dollar amount you choose to reduce in each “Want” line item. When you are finished, go ahead and add up all of the dollar amounts under the “$ Your Choose To Reduce” column and calculate the total at the bottom of the column.

That’s it!! Congratulations, you have successfully found money in your monthly expenses!

Now the you move on to the fun task of allocating that found money into accounts or vehicles that will continue next leveling your money. Woo hoo!