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July 18 @ 1:34 am

The Prosperous Pinay: Tap Into Your Money Roots

About this event

The relationship you have with money started before you were born. It started with your parent’s relationship with money, and their parent’s relationship with money and much further back than your memory can conceive. Growing up you may have asked your parents and other elders questions about money and gotten a dismissive statement from them. Or a snapped “We don’t talk about that!” look or an outright ignoring of your question. These common reactions are a product of the collective Filippino historical and cultural experience, made even more complex and taboo by the over 600 years of colonialism, migration, and assimilation stories.

Bottom line, your relationship with money is coming with generations of weight bearing down on you, preventing the abundance from flowing in..!

This workshop will focus on uncovering the limiting beliefs about self worth, access, guilt and shame around money that prevent you from the prosperous relationship with money that you desire and deserve. Cultivating a deeper awareness of your current relationship with money requires the transformation of your money roots into a declaration of a new prosperity story.

Date and Time

July 18, 2024
1:34 am