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July 23 @ 5:54 pm

Flip Your Money Script

About this event

Flip Your Money Script

A reported 65% of women don’t feel totally confident about making financial decisions. A surprising fact is the main factor that contributes to this high percentage has nothing to do with your money management, financial education, or how much money you make. It has to do with your money script!

Have you ever said the following to yourself?

“I don’t come from money, therefore I don’t know how to make money work for me.”

“Only some people have the option to make their money grow.”

“I feel helpless when it comes to money.”

“No matter what I do, I’m always broke.”

“Money is confusing, I never get it!”

“I’d like to start growing my money, but I never have enough at the end of the month to save.”

What can you expect to receive this workshop?

– A better understanding of the mechanics behind your beliefs and how you can change them.

– The ability to identify your limiting money beliefs.

– Learn the tools to be able to change your money script now and in the future.

– Be surrounded with like-minded individuals who are open to self-development.

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Date and Time

July 23, 2024
5:54 pm