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A Guide For Financial Well-Being And Prosperity

Claiming Prosperity was featured in a recent Broke-Ass Stuart Wallet Wellness article!

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Broke-Ass Stuart has been awarded “Best Local Website” by SF Weekly, The Guardian, and 48 Hills. Since 2007 has been dedicated to bringing you the most important news, arts, culture, nightlife, and progressive activism in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Our goal is to amplify voices that may not always get heard and stick up for working people when no one else will.

Claiming Prosperity works with many creatives and artist to support the shifting of mindsets towards next leveling their professional business, and helping to create systems to support the growth and monetization of their creative expression. Artists are connectors and disrupters, and help to move the needle on a social and political level.

It was a pleasure to share some insights and philosophies with the Broke-Ass Stuart community. Creating a world where artists grow and thrive is necessary, period!