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5 Secrets of a Wealth Mindset

Wealth is 90% Psychology & 10% Money Mechanics Wealth is 90% Psychology & 10% Money Mechanics. This statement may have raised an eyebrow, and caused you to ask, “What is she talking about?” You may need to read it a couple of times. Yes, your mindset affects how much wealth and abundance shows up in your life, not what you are doing with your money. I know, I know, this may be a brain scramble, and a huge scratch-the needle-on-the-record moment for you, but it’s revolutionary when you really open up to this truth. Your mindset is the driver of your actions. For instance, if you believe “Money is meant to be enjoyed today,” then most likely you haven’t started a retirement account. If your money mindset is “Money comes to me easily and in unexpected ways,” then I’m sure money has easily flown into your bank account in ways you couldn’t have foreseen.

Your actions will always be a result of your mindset.

Society and the media focuses on wealth in terms of products, stock markets, real estate, bank accounts, and income. That is only 10% of the wealth conversation. The rich, deep, and exciting conversation is the 90% — the psychology and mindset of wealth. The mindset of wealth has everything to do with your money beliefs and the way that you think and interact with money every single day. Your money mindset is the director of all the money choices that you make everyday.  Crazy, right? Let me give two examples to support this point.

From millions to zero

“The Curse Of The Six Numbers,” aka the lottery. Too many stories talk about people who miraculously hit the jackpot, and win millions of dollars. Before winning, they were just average people living regular lives, after winning they are mega millionaires. If you want an example of how these lottery winners are plagued by this curse check out this Time article


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Top Earners On The Field

Look at professional athletes. Sports Illustrated recently estimated that 80% of retired NFL players go broke in their first three years out of the league (check out their article How is this possible with the sport rolling in revenue, and with a player’s average salary of almost $2 million a year? How do these ballers go from top earners to top mis-earners? It goes back to the wealth mindset. So what are the secrets of the wealth mindset?  Here are the top 5 secrets to creating a wealth mindset today.
Jennifer Navarro Keys#5 – In order to bring more wealth into your life you, must first define what wealth means to you.
Take time to be really clear on your own personal definition of wealth. Make this definition multi-dimensional, in the moment, and alive.  Here’s mine: “I choose to live a fulfilled and purposeful life. Wealth is being able to give to others in my community from an overflowing place. Wealth is having plenty of resources, money, and time available to me. Wealth is being harmonious with nature and my body. Wealth is a feeling of ease and contentment.” Take time to define what wealth means to you.
#4 – Give more than you expect to receive.
The act of giving will open huge opportunities for you to receive on many levels.
#3 – Wealth is 90% psychology (beliefs & emotions).
Work more on how what you believe and feel about wealth, abundance, prosperity than how your money is growing and where you are putting your money. Make this work a daily practice. By working on your mindset daily, you will trigger the universal Law of Correspondence. This law simply put states,

“As within, so without. It says that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” – Brian Tracy

If you want your outer world to look abundant and prosperous — you’ve got to feel it first.
#2 – Wealth is 10% mechanics (products, vehicles, assets).
With the 10% mechanics of money, have a spending and growth plan in place for your money. Get educated on how money works and the different concepts working with and against your money. Seek out financial professionals who can share vital money concepts and who can guide you on how to navigate the financial system. After understanding the general concepts around how money works, make sure to have a customized plan in place that works for you and meets your financial goals.
#1 – The No. 1 secret to wealth is Gratitude! 
Everything starts with gratitude. Gratitude is the foundation of all things wealthy and prosperous. Don’t think about what you don’t have and instead think about what you do have. Focusing on all the things in your life that sustain you right now is the best way to attract wealth in the future.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

If you are able to look at and focus on all the good things in your life, your relationships, your work, your service, your home, your car, even if in your heart you know that you have not reached your final destination in all of these areas, you are creating space for the universe to respond to your heart’s desire.

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